hi, how are you?

microphone, selfpage

i am the webmaster of this site
i was born on 2/14
i have interests mostly in weird stuff like the occult,history, mycology ect
and other things like medieval torture, music and rabbits

i like to study biological stuff, like human anatomy, forensics, and mycology!
i also study stuff like the tarot, guardian angels, astrology, demonology,
the occult and metaphysics along with esoteric and religious philosophy sometimes.
i also love medival history, and war, learning about the past is one of my favorite things!

i love science, music, art, zines, old web culture and history. basicly if my site is just like me
its going to have no theme, consitancy or make any sense.
i usually make changes when im tired, high,and its an ungodly hour in the morning,
also cause my interests and hyper focus change every 12 mins.

i don't like defining myself by the media i do consume.
i find the act of fandoms terrible, but alas i fall to human weaknesses and enjoy things
however, i like horror movies, true crime, documentaries and ancient aliens. that's really all i keep up with or watch.

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